Why Your Cycling Team Needs a Professional Kit

Have you and your work colleagues developed a common cause as you collectively jump onto two wheels at every opportunity? Your cycling activity may have started out as an informal way of killing time, but it has now become something a lot more serious and is certainly more of a passion than a hobby. In fact, you have decided to fly the flag for your organisation and want to form a proper cycling team so you can take part in some key regional races to help raise money for charity. To do this properly, you have to form an identity and make sure that your team is instantly recognisable as you win all of those prizes in the future. Why do you need to order a custom cycling kit for each person and make sure that you don't cut any corners?

Getting Serious

In the very beginning, you would take every opportunity to jump onto your bike wearing everyday clothes with a few small modifications. This was perfectly sufficient back then, but as you are now in a much more competitive environment, you need to ensure that you have the right type of clothing. This will involve race suits, cycling tights, bib shorts and jerseys that not only look good but are properly engineered to help you perform at your best. To the uninitiated, these may look as if they are a little "over the top," but they can make a huge difference when every second counts and as you're trying to raise as much money for your chosen charity as possible.

Carefully Engineered and Designed

Consequently, you need to get these items of clothing tailor-made to very specific measurements, and you'll need to ensure that they are a perfect reproduction of your team colours. Remember, you are representing your company now, and some of the expenditure may be able to attract a tax incentive. This is even more reason to get the job done properly, but you always want to replicate the logo and colours authentically, so that your boss will be more willing to give you that time off in the future.

By the way, don't forget your support team, who should also sport some embroidered polo shirts that match your chosen theme, as a backup.

Making the Right Choice

Don't be tempted to cut corners here, and only work with suppliers who can provide you with fully-engineered race suits, designed to perfection. For more information, contact a supplier like Pedal Mafia