Three Critical Considerations for Soccer Net Selection

There are numerous types and brands of soccer goal net on the market. Therefore, if you are planning on purchasing a product for your commercial field, you should compare the options and choose the most suitable for your needs. If you select an unsuitable net, you might end up losing your investment due to the premature failure of the unit. On the other hand, you cannot afford to choose a soccer goal net which will be strong but difficult to handle. If you are purchasing this type of sporting product for the first time, you should consider the below factors for ideal selection. 

Specific Material

You should compare the materials used in manufacturing the soccer nets before choosing the most appropriate. There are three popular materials to consider: high-tenacity propylene, polyethylene and nylon. The most reliable option for heavy-duty applications and adverse climates is the HTTP. This propylene material is exceptionally strong and can withstand high stress. It is often used to manufacture products such as safety nets. So, you can expect long-term service. Moreover, it does not degrade in the presence of ultraviolet radiation like alternatives. Polyethylene is inexpensive and performs well in light-duty applications. It is a suitable choice for a pitch which is not used heavily. If you are interested in a custom net, you should consider nylon. This material is available in diverse thicknesses, sizes and styles. So, it can be personalised for unique sporting goods.

Braid or Twist

You should check the weave of the soccer nets on the market before purchase. In general, there are two options to consider and select for your applications: braid and twist. The twist is simple in construction; it consists of the twisted fibres or threads of the plastic material. Its simplicity makes it the cheaper choice because it can be created with speed and ease. The braid is more difficult to make, and the cost might be significantly higher than the alternative. However, there are benefits of choosing this type of product. The braid is more intricately woven; the net will be strong and resilient. Also, the braid is durable because challenging to unravel.


Finally, you should evaluate the portability of the soccer net. If you are planning on taking down the net after use, you should make sure that the sporting product can be handled easily. You should choose meshes with a smaller twist or braid thickness if portability is a concern. The smaller weaves will mean less material and lighter weight for convenient handling.