5 Advantages of Choosing Two Solo Kayaks Over One Tandem

It's a question that anybody who sells kayaks is likely to have heard more than a few times: 'Would you recommend buying two solo kayaks or one tandem?'

Of course, there really is no right answer; it will often come down to your own specific needs and wants. However, each option comes with its own advantages. Here are just 5 reasons why you might want to consider two singles instead of one tandem.

1. People Learn Better Alone

In many cases, you and the person, or persons, you are planning to hit the water with won't be at quite the same skill level. Maybe you have a knack for the sport that your partner lacks, or perhaps you simply have more experience. No matter the reason for the difference in skill levels, you'll find that your partner will learn better using a solo kayak since they won't be able to rely on your expertise.

2. You'll Have the Freedom to Go at Your Own Pace  

The best thing about having two solo kayaks instead of one tandem is being able to set your own speed. Some people are going to want to rush ahead, while others will be more comfortable taking things at a steadier pace. You'll also be able to take quick trips by yourself. Whether you want to take a short trip around the lake or go further than your companion on a longer outing, you'll have the option to do so.

3. You'll Have a Lighter Boat

Tandem boats are naturally going to be a lot heavier than solo ones. This is problematic for several reasons. For starters, you'll find it harder to transport your tandem to the water; you'll also find it harder to portage a heavier tandem across rougher ground. Once the tandem is in the water, you'll find that they tend to be more sluggish and less responsive than solo kayaks; this problem will be somewhat mitigated by the fact that both occupants will be able to paddle at once, but you'll never enjoy the same lightning speed of a solo.

4. There's More Cargo Space

Cargo space might not be something that you ever need to worry about; if you tend to take only shorter trips, for instance, the difference in space between a tandem and two solos is unlikely to prove pressing. If, however, you like taking multi-day trips, you'll find the ability to pack more an important one. Two solo kayaks will almost always provide significantly more room for your belongings than one tandem model.

5. There's Always a Back-Up

Though unlikely, it is possible that you will get separated from your kayak or damage it beyond use. If this happens with a tandem, you could find yourself in a tricky situation, especially if you're somewhere away from the beaten track. With two solos, you'll always have a backup craft.

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