Ways to Display Your Child's Medals and Trophies

It is great to have a child who earns a lot of medals and trophies, but you might come to a point when there are so many, it is hard to organise them. With the following tips, they are not only organised, but also provide an excellent display.

Use a Full Wall Bookshelf

If you are running out of room on a typical shelf hung on the wall of your child's room, it might be time for an entire bookshelf. You can choose from different styles of bookshelves and use it primarily for the trophies and awards, or simply dedicate a few shelves of the bookcase to the awards. The great thing about this option is that it provides a lot of space for future trophies, but also makes it super easy to organise them without taking up too much space in their bedroom.

Create a Medal Holder With Knobs

For a kid who has a lot of medals, all you really need for a fun and unique display is a plank of wood and some recycled door knobs. You can get as creative as you want by choosing the type of wood and knobs you like. You can either go to the child's section of your local home goods store to buy different types of child-themed knobs or get all of the same type of metal ones in a home improvement store. For the wood, it can be a piece of recycled wood or even a wood cut from a crate. Just about anything will work. Attach the knobs to the wood, then use them to hang all the medals.

Use Trophies as Bedroom Décor

Another way you can use trophies is instead of simply using them as a display in the room, turn them into functional bedroom décor. For example, your daughter can use her many gymnastics trophies to hold her necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry items. Your son might have won a lot of rugby trophies and uses those trophies to hold his medals, lanyards, or other items. You can also use just the trophy cup of some of the trophies to hold small items like rings, baubles, keys, or coins. This allows you to display these trophies in their bedroom while also providing functional storage for other items.

If you are running out of room in their bedroom, create a wall of fame in the living room that includes trophies and awards from all of your children as an extra way to display and organise them.